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I love comics, movies, tv, and basically all things pop culture related. Walt Disney World is my happy place and the best music ever created came from the 80’s. I’m a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan that can get you a 5 on your AP Calc exam. I hate being hot. I hate being cold and I run at least 5 miles a day just to stay in shape. Message me the next time you want to meet up for disc golf and did I mention I read A LOT of comics. My amazing wife and family will always come first and always remember to never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
Immortal Hulk 5-Cov

Review: Al Ewing’s Twist In IMMORTAL HULK #5 Will Stun Fans

Bruce Banner battles a possessed Sasquatch in this week’s Immortal Hulk #5 as the incredible Al Ewing shocks readers with a surprise wrinkle. Let’s crack this...
JL 7-cov

JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 Review: Snyder’s Passion And Creativity Shine

Justice League #7 will knock your socks off as Scott Snyder concludes his first arc on the series. WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder PENCILS BY: Jim Cheung INKS: Mark...
Cosmic Ghost Rider 3-Cov

COSMIC GHOST RIDER #3 Review: Donny Cates Is Unstoppable

Cable easily handles Galactus, Frank takes on a sea of Marvel heroes, and Uatu becomes a babysitter all in this week’s COSMIC GHOST RIDER #3 by...
US vs Murder Inc 1-Cov

Bendis Impresses In U.S. VS. MURDER INC. #1

A 12-year-old girl is introduced to a family of assassins, hitmen, and murder generations in the making in this week’s UNITED STATES VS. MURDER INC. #1 as Brian...
Marvel Two-In-One 9-Cov

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE Review: True Brothers

A new Mister Fantastic, a powerless Ben Grimm, and an original Fantastic Four member finally makes a return all in this week’s MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #9 as...

EXTERMINATION #2 Review: Searching For A Purpose

Mimic loses his groceries, an Angel doesn't get his wings, and Ahab gains a new Hound all in this week’s EXTERMINATION #2 as Ed Brisson opens...
DD annual 1-Cov

DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 Review: When Misty Met Murdock

Pre-bionic arm Misty Knight, Hydra’s mutant genetic hormone, and a tale of respect in this week’s DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 as Erica Schultz makes her debut with...
DD 607-Cov

DAREDEVIL #607 Review: It Just Makes Sense

Matt Murdock’s twin, mind reading Inhumans, dog kidnapping, and the Trapster all in this week’s DAREDEVIL #607 as Charles Soule resurrects a fake persona of Matt...
Avengers 6-Cov

AVENGERS #6 Review: Earth’s Mightiest Infection

Planet-sized Iron Man Armor, giant-sized She-Hulk and Thor, a dead Celestial possessed by Ghost Rider, and a cure that needed to age for millions...
Darth Vader 20-Cov

DARTH VADER #20 Review: Charles Dives Deep Into Vader’s Soule

Darth Vader hunts down his own Inquisitors in this week’s DARTH VADER #20 as Charles Soule continues his legendary portrayal of the most ruthless Sith Lord...
BP 3-Cov

BLACK PANTHER #3 Review: Acuna Matata

Reincarnation, Askari Raider battles, and a new possible villain emerges all in this week’s BLACK PANTHER #3 as Ta-Nehisi Coates attempts to catch up readers from...
Venom 5-Cov

VENOM #5 Review: The New Snyder And Capullo

Venom’s new wings, the Rex Strickland revelation, and the Grendel explained all in this week’s VENOM #5 as Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman continue to reinvigorate...

COLD SPOTS #1 Review: A-BUNNdantly Eerie

COLD SPOTS #1 from Image Comics hits your local comic book store as Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres open this eerie, bitter, tale with something...
Batman Kings of Fear 1-Cov1

BATMAN KINGS OF FEAR #1 Review: An Acquired Taste

Batman battles his entire Rogues gallery at Arkham Asylum in BATMAN KINGS OF FEAR #1 as Scott Peterson and Kelley Jones kick off their spectacular...
DC 987-Cov

DETECTIVE COMICS #987 Review: The Launch Of The Outsiders

The Outsiders officially are “a thing,” Batman and Karma have their showdown, and the real villain makes an appearance all in this week’s DETECTIVE COMICS...
JL Dark 2-Cov

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #2 Review: Twist Of Fate

Dancing naked Amazon witches, all access to the Tower of Fate, and plant retirement all in this week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK as James Tynion IV introduces...
RRR-DC 8-15-18

DC Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 15, 2018

The Unknown Soldier gets noticed, Atlantis rises, He-Man kicks Bane’s butt, and Cyborg Superman returns all in this week’s DC Comics Rapid Fire Recap...
Weapon H 6 cov 1

WEAPON H #6 Review: Action Pak-ed

Captain America fights Weapon H, Skrullduggers attempt to eat kids, Man-Thing gets supercharged, and Hulkverine possibly gets promoted as Greg Pak kicks off this...
Multiple Man 3 cov 1

MULTIPLE MAN #3 Review: Nonstop Insanity

Death, destruction, killing, and even more killing all in this week’s MULTIPLE MAN #3 as Matthew Rosenberg slaughters every last bit of hope the future had of stopping the evil Dictator Jamie Madrox Prime. Let's take a look!
Thor 4 cov 1

THOR #4 Review: Jason Aaron, The Adopted Son Of Odin

Thanos breaks up with Hela, Thor becomes the God of Hel, and Balder comes back to the land of the living all in this...