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New Super-Man Comes To America

New Super-Man has quietly been one of the DC Rebirth's strongest titles. Writer Gene Luen Yang has been turning teenage bully, Kenan Kong, into...

Inhumans Vs. X-Men Ends On A High Note

The major crossover event pitting mutants against Inhumans reaches it's final issue. The X-Men fanbase anxiously awaits the nearing ResurreXion overhaul, this crossover was...
x-men resurrexion

Marvel Teases New X-Men Team, ResurreXion Nears

Inhumans Vs. X-Men finally ends this week with the release of it's sixth issue. That means that X-Fans are one step closer to ResurreXion;...
miles hobie spider-man

Marvel Comics’ Miles Morales & Hobie Brown Need To Meet

After Secret Wars, Miles Morales was permanently introduced into the main Marvel universe. Even with Brian Michael Bendis still writing the title, it doesn't...
leave marvel alone


It's no secret that Marvel is getting blown away by DC right now. Rebirth has been exactly what was promised, a universe-wide fix to fans...
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LEGION Chapter 4 Turns Up The Weird And Transcends

Three weeks ago, audiences were exposed to the mad world of David Haller. He's the most powerful mutant in existence that may or may...

Superman Mysteries Coming To The Surface

Reading Superman comics is fun again, the biggest turn around success story for DC Rebirth. One of the most compelling elements so far has...
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Nightwing & Robin, A Grant Morrison Reunion

Damian Wayne. You either love him or really hate him. He was created by writer Grant Morrison and became the next Robin after Bruce...
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Scott Snyder: Batman Royalty

There's a reason that DC Comics had to have a Rebirth. They had a universe-wide problem, it was called New 52. From 2011-2015 the company...
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An Over Populated Spider-Man World

Following writer Dan Slott's Clone Conspiracy event, Peter Parker finds his world even more crowded than before. Characters have been resurrected, re-branded, and reintroduced...
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Dan Slott Needs Help Closing Stories: Amazing Spider-Man #24

Acting as the closing chapter of "The Clone Conspiracy", Amazing Spider-Man #24 ties up a few loose ends. Writer Dan Slott's big Spider-Man event suffers the...

‘Detective Comics’ #951: The League Of Shadows Enters Gotham

Detective Comics #951 hits comic book store shelves this week with "League Of Shadows Part I: Unleashed." The mysterious war that Batman has been...

How Long Will Marvel Keep Fantastic Four Shelved?

At the conclusion of Secret Wars, Marvel's first family was tasked with reconstructing the multiverse. This actively removed them from appearing in any comics....
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Negative Impact Of MCU Success On Marvel Comics: Star-Lord

The largely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe has made some minor character changes from time-to-time. Certain heroes undergo understandable altercations in order to better translate...

Five Favorite Films From The Year I Was Born: 1989

1989 isn't just a terrible Taylor Swift album (@ me). It was the year Michael Jackson was named the "King Of Pop." Tiny Tim ran...