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Anthony is a geek through and through who still looks forward to new releases, sneak peaks, Giant Monsters and robots of all shapes and sizes. He loves nostalgic properties like Jem, The Transformers, and My Little Pony comics. He has a distinct apprehension for trolling and clips shows. His book, The Handbook for Surviving A Giant Monster Attack is available on Amazon.
Thrilling Adventure Hour

Review: THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR #1 Gives Fans What They Want

After a few issues from Image Comics came to an end it appeared as if the idea of more adventures from the characters would not come to pass. Now, thanks to Boom Studios, if there is a second chance for more adventures in graphic novel form.
Gundam Build Divers

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 16

While the previous episode was dedicated to simply showing off the new abilities of the Gundam 00 Sky, this episode decides to keep things light and ups the comedy

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 15

The latest episode of Gundam Build Divers features the debut of Riku’s new machine the 00 Sky. Does the new machine inject some energy into the series after a less than stellar previous episode?

DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie Will Feature Return Of Fan Favorite Broly

This is the next film since the release of Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F, which featured the return of one of the series most infamous villains, Frieza and came to America thanks to Funimation Entertainment.
Steven Universe

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: ‘Reunited’ And It Feels So Good

The two part Steven Universe episode Reunited ends the week of new episodes. What happens next is intense to say the least.
Steven Universe

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: Made of Honor

As everyone’s favorite couple decide to do something special to work towards a fusing back into Garnet, Steven decides to expand the guest list. He goes after a character fans have been wondering about for a while.
Steven Universe

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: The Question

This is another episode dedicated to looking at the effects of the revelation behind Rose Quartz. This time it’s Steven’s dad, Greg who takes a moment to showcase how he feels about this information. The man finds out the mother of his child was someone else and his reaction is actually very logical. Why should he be mad Rose didn’t tell him who she used to be? He didn’t tell her who he was before becoming Mister Universe the rockstar. Both of them had pasts they couldn’t deal with and instead decided to embrace a new present together.

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 14

Riku looks for a inspiration for a new Gundam. This is basically the entire plot of this episode. He weighs the options on whether or not to just simply rebuild or start with an entirely new model entirely while visiting people he has met since joining GBN.
Steven Universe

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: What’s Your Problem

The latest episode of Steven Universe on Cartoon Network finds a way to get personal and ask about a character's problems.Summary When Ruby goes...
Steven Universe

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: Now We’re Only Falling Apart

The first episode of Steven Universe after the earth shattering reveal in the previous episode, Single Pale Rose showcases just how much the creators know their audience. The entire episode seems to answer many of the questions and concerns which came after the reveal about Pink Diamond and her connection to everything.
Sonic The Hedgehog

Review: Sonic vs. Shadow in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #6

Both Shadow and Rogue operate in a way which fans will say feels familiar and distinct to both of them. Also, the twist at the end helps to enforce Flynn has a definite plan for where the series is going.
Power Rangers

The POWER RANGERS Lord Zedd Needs Your Help

Robert Axelrod, the voice actor behind Lord Zedd, one of the most infamous villains the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have ever faced needs your...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 13

It's a duel to the death with Riku’s 00 Diver and Tsukasa’s No Name Astray. There is a lot of great action to be had with the two characters go at it with an old fashioned GP Duel. Unlike when fighting in GBN, if the model is damage it is real and your Gunpla can be damaged beyond repair. Just like in the good old days.

10 Lost Anime Which Need The VOLTRON Treatment: An Anime Abstract

After the overwhelming success of the Netflix original series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, the importance of a show having a good revival has become apparent....

Review: RIFFTRAX: SPACE MUTINY Has Max Roidrage!

Welcome to the Future. A future where women wear mostly leotards and the interior of the ship looks like an oil refinery. Where intense battles take place on vehicles which come from crossing golf carts and floor sweepers. This is the future of Space Mutiny.
Gundam Build Divers

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 12

SPOILER WARNINGSummary As Riku comes face to face with the leader of the Mass-Divers, he will have to put everything on the line or risk...
Pom Poko

REVIEW: POM POKO Offers Enduring Strangeness

Studio Ghibli has created many fantastic films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle In The Sky, and Princess Mononoke but none of them are...

Review – VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER Season 6 Goes For The Kill

The highly popular Netflix animated series created by Dreamworks Animation, Voltron: Legendary Defender is back for a 6th season this week. The previous season focused more on Lotor, the son of the team’s worst enemy and seemed to not give the Voltron team as much attention. Does this season follow suit?
Mystery Science Theater 3000

We Got Comic Sign! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000 Comic Is Coming

After the announcement of a 12th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on a Netflix and a live tour featuring original show creator Joel...
Power Rangers

REVIEW: The Gravezord Appears In GO GO POWER RANGERS #10

The "Shattered Grid" event from BOOM! Studios continues and the inexperienced team of Go Go Power Rangers are not prepared for the evil from...