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Editor-in-Chief for Monkeys Fighting Robots. A lifelong fan of Spider-Man and the Mets, Anthony loves an underdog story. He earned his B.A. in English because of his love for words, and his MBA because of his need for cash. He considers comics to be The Great American Art Form, and loves horror movies, indie dramas, action/thrillers, and everything in between.
Cemetery Beach Image Comics Warren Ellis Jason Howard

Review: CEMETERY BEACH #1 Is Insane In All The Right Ways

CEMETERY BEACH is a new high-octane action series by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard that's just begging to be turned into an IMAX movie.
guardians of the galaxy

Donny Cates And Geoff Shaw To Relaunch GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw are reuniting to relaunch Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy with a whole new team in 2019.Marvel made the announcement in...
x-men grand design ed piskor marvel comics

Five Marvel Comics That Deserve The X-MEN GRAND DESIGN Treatment

Ed Piskor's X-Men Grand Design has been a critical darling for Marvel Comics, and there are already hints that the company is looking to give other characters similar books of their own.
new mutants dead souls review

NEW MUTANTS: DEAL SOULS #6 Is A Fantastically Weird Ending

New Mutants: Dead Souls #6 is out today, ending the already wonderfully strange story in even weirder fashion that anyone was probably expecting.
luke cage everyman anthony del col

LUKE CAGE: EVERYMAN – Q&A With Writer Anthony Del Col

We got to chat with writer Anthony Del Col about his new series LUKE CAGE: EVERYMAN, giving Luke CTE, writing for Marvel, and more.
lil' donnie review

Review: LIL’ DONNIE Knocks Trump And His Cronies Down A Peg

Lil' Donnie: Executive Privilege knocks Trump and his cronies down a peg, chronicling the "adventures" of the worst president in United States history.
black hammer age of doom 4 review

Review: BLACK HAMMER: AGE OF DOOM #4 – An Explosion Of Emotion

Black Hammer: Age of Doom returns this week with issue four, and (literally) blows the doors off of everything that's come before it.As always,...
Luke Cage #1

Review: LUKE CAGE #1 Does The Right Thing; A Lindsay & Del Col Joint

Luke Cage #1 is out now, and it cranks up the heat a la Do The Right Thing, delivering a tense, action-packed story that doesn't...
devil within

Interview: Stephanie Phillips Talks DEVIL WITHIN, A True Horror Story Of Possession

DEVIL WITHIN is a true story of possession coming soon from Black Mask Studios, and we got to talk with writer Stephanie Phillips about the story, her inspirations, her collaboration with artist Maan House, and more.
x-men gold volume 6 til death do us part

Review: X-MEN GOLD Volume 6 – “‘Till Death Do Us Part”

X-Men Gold volume six - "'Till Death Do Us Part" - is out this week, so if you missed the X-Men Wedding of the Century, now's your time to catch up!
Bloodshot Salvation #12 review jeff lemire

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #12 Review: Jeff Lemire’s Valiant Farewell

Bloodshot Salvation #12 is out this week, putting an end to this beautiful and action-packed story, and an end to Jeff Lemire's seminal run on Bloodshot.
mister miracle 10

Review: MISTER MIRACLE #10 – Scott’s Beard Gets Bigger

Mister Miracle #10 is out today from DC Comics, and it's another harrowing and surreal snapshot of depression.
fantastic four the coming of galactus epic collection


Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus is out this week from Marvel's Epic Collection line, and it's chock full of Silver Age, Jack Kirby greatness.
eighth grade bo burnham

How Bo Burnham Makes EIGHTH GRADE Extra Awkward

Bo Burnham's first film, Eighth Grade, is out now in select theaters, and it's one of the most awesomely awkward experiences you'll have at the movies.
Marvel Knights

The MARVEL KNIGHTS Imprint Is Returning, Led By Donny Cates

ICYMI: Marvel Comics is bringing back their Marvel Knights imprint for its 20th anniversary, and it will be curated by superstar writer Donny Cates.
eisner awards

Here Are All The Winners From The 2018 EISNER AWARDS

The 2018 Eisner Awards were held last night at San Diego Comic-Con, and we have your complete list of winners here!
aquaman 38 preview

AQUAMAN #38 Concludes The King Rath Saga (Exclusive Preview)

Aquaman #38 is out next week, and we have your exclusive first look at the book courtesy of DC Comics!About the issue: Behold King Rath,...
nova by abnett and lanning video review

NOVA By Abnett & Lanning Is The Human Rocket’s Definitive Run

Nova By Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection Volume 1 is out now, and it is the definitive run on the character.The paperback collects Annihilation: Nova...
Iron Man The Search For Tony Stark


The Invincible Iron Man: The Search For Tony Stark is out now in trade paperback, and it's...fine?
sorry to bother you

Review: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU Is A Surreal And Original Experience

Sorry To Bother You by writer/director Boots Riley is a trippy experience, and it's one of the most original movies to come out in...