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Assistant Editor for Monkeys Fighting Robots. A lifelong fan of Spider-Man and the Mets, Anthony loves an underdog story. He earned his B.A. in English because of his love for words, and his MBA because of his need for cash. He considers comics to be The Great American Art Form, and loves horror movies, indie dramas, action/thrillers, and everything in between.
Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo

Two Major Voice Cameos in ‘The Force Awakens’ Revealed!

Spoilers Ahead for Star Wars: The Force AwakensNumerous celebrity cameos have been reported since The Force Awakens opened this weekend. From secret stormtroopers (Daniel Craig), to secret...
Vader Annual

Review: ‘Darth Vader’ Annual #1 – Dancing With The Devil

The Force Awakens opens this week, so it seems fitting to review the latest Star Wars comic: Darth Vader Annual #1. Annuals as stand-alone...
Ultimate End

Review: ‘Ultimate End’ #5 – Is It A Fulfilling Finale?

After numerous delays, the Marvel Secret Wars tie-in Ultimate End finally came to an end this week. The miniseries by Brian Michael Bendis and...
Last Man on Earth

Review: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Fall Finale

Anyone who is not watching Fox's The Last Man on Earth needs to go back and binge it before it returns this Spring. The...

Fox Announces “12 Days of Deadpool” Campaign!

Fox has released a video promoting the "12 Days of Deadpool," a series of promotional material leading up to a brand new Deadpool trailer...
Independence Day: Resurgence

‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ – Will Smith’s Fate Revealed

The trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence dropped today, revealing tidbits of the plot and showcasing the return of Jeff Goldblum's David Levinson. Bill Pullman is also credited...

Review: ‘Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ #1

Strange comic book crossovers have been around for decades. Archie and the Riverdale gang have met both the Punisher AND the Predator, and survived...
Civil War II

Marvel Announces ‘Civil War II’ Creative Team

A few months back, Marvel sent retailers a postcard that featured Iron Man and Captain America about to throw down, with the roman numerals...
Star Trek

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer to Screen with ‘The Force Awakens’

The Hollywood Reporter revealed this morning that a promo for next summer's Star Trek Beyond will be attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With studios vying...

Spotlight: Why Are People Walking Out?

Walking into the theater, the ticket taker rips the tickets and says, “Ooh Spotlight, gotten a lot of complaints about this one.” It’s laughed off....

Review: Creed – Adonis is the Anti-Rocky (in the best way possible)

Creed is not just another Rocky movie. Rocky Balboa is in the movie, and it evokes the spirit of the original film, but it stands...

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