‘All-New Wolverine’ #28, Laura & Gabby Comic Book Superstars

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All-New Wolverine is a comic book series that has been consistently entertaining through twenty-eight issues. Over the past year or so, it’s really started to hit its stride on a whole new level. It’s one of the strongest Marvel books right now.

All-New Wolverine #28 cvr


Tom Taylor’s opening arc for Marvel Legacy has been a triumph. All-New Wolverine keeps on rolling, steadily finding its way up to the top of people’s end of year lists and into the hearts of its faithful readers.

That opening elemental layout is fantastic. The Orphans Of X helicopter approach is cinematic, with its sunset backdrop and reflective water surface below.

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Little details like the smoke trail left by a firing missile spelling out “FWOOOM” are scattered throughout each issue. Creative, subtle touches like the Blackbird interior panel that’s completely engulfed in vibration and g-force. Juann Cabal and Nolan Woodard elevate this comic to another level.

Taking Daken through a mental exercise, exploring his guilt and shame, was an unexpected turn, but a welcome one for sure. Cabal and Woodard deliver again on the page diving into Daken’s meditation, showing the growing process in detail as he visualized it mentally.

Tom Taylor finally gives Gabby a codename, Daken names her “Honeybadger.” It’s fitting, comes through in a nice moment, and gives us the Gabby’s re-envisioning of all the Wolverine classic comic book covers, which was fantastic.

Gabby asking Daken about his tattoos reappearing was hysterical. Taylor has a great ability to subtly poke fun at the things we tend to overlook in comic books.

Laura and Gabby are a top superhero duo in all of comic books. It’s Laura’s book, but Gabby steals the show every time. Their chemistry is unmatchable and they happen to be in one of the most well crafted books at Marvel. This series is easily one of the best breakouts of the last 2 years.

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