“A COMIC SHOW” – 2.8.2012 (Tribute to TriForce Mike)

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This week Aaron does the video solo in Triforce Mike’s memory. Aw hell, I’m gonna drop the third person. I miss this guy so much and really had to psyche myself up to do this. I haven’t read a comic since Mike got hit by a car and died last Monday. I realized today I’ve been paralyzed in that even though I was putting on a strong show because that’s what we had. We’ve been reading comics and talking about them every week for 8 years. I’m talking the ones we love and hate! I rarely ever talk about the books I dislike with customers because I don’t wanna poop on what they may like. When a book was really on fire like Animal Man Mike and I would get so pumped speculating where it was going. ..But again, I’m also realizing that “friendship is magic”, and there’s plenty of other people in my life that love me and would love to talk comics more often. So, I’m gonna start a new comic discussion club here, that will kinda be my support group for missing Mike. I’m gonna go home tonight a read a ton of comics! It’s what Mike would have wanted. – acomicshoptv

A Comic Shop
114 South Semoran Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32792
p. 407-332-9636

My friend Aaron Haaland owns one of the coolest comic book stores in the world – A Comic Shop! Aaron takes comic book related events to the next level. Check his store out on facebook!

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