‘Overwatch’s’ Zarya Stunningly Similar To Curvy Lingerie Model

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Blizzard’s Overwatch game is a highly popular team-based shooter that came out recently and with it, fans always attempt to accurately portray video game characters as close as they can. Though some may not cosplay, there are people that could be a character’s doppelganger in real life.

Recently posted to the This can only happen in Japan  Facebook page was a model stunningly similar to the Zarya character in Overwatch. For fans unfamiliar with the the role, she is a heavily armored, muscular woman with advanced weaponry.

The social media page leads with the Zarya character profile screen and following a few sample pictures of a curvy model with purple hair that could likely represent the softer side of the combative character in her leisure time if one could only imagine.

A commenter identified her as Australian/ Italian model Stefania Ferrario. The photos on the referenced site match up with photos on her Facebook page.

Stefania touts herself as one “juicy mama” with “THUNDER in dem thighs!” in a couple of her captions. As a woman with curves, she’s proud.

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She mentions on her Facebook bio of having a dress size over 10. She’s also an advocate of cancer awareness and has shown much sympathy to the cause by shaving her head to help other women feel less conscious about themselves.

What do you think? Does she make the perfect cosplay doppleganger to Zarya in Blizzard’s Overwatch?

Tony Smejek
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